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Water Lead Removal Services for the Plainfield, IL, Area

Sources for lead

Where does lead come from?

  • Lead pipes from treatment plant
  • Lead connection lines from the street
  • Lead pipes in older buildings
  • Lead solder and older brass fixtures
  • Changes in water treatment and/or water sources that extracts lead from the pipes in the system
  • Routine water main cleaning
  • Flaking pipes and solder joints
Building vaulnerability diagram

Building vulnerability

  • Lead pipes often used in construction before the early 1960s
  • Lead solder used in construction before 1986
  • High lead content brass fixtures used in construction before 2014

What are the health risks?

  • Central nervous system problems
  • Learning disabilities
  • Concentration and personality problems
  • Growth/development issues
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure

Recommended solutions

  • Food services water purifier
  • Water storage and delivery system
  • Build-in water fountain security

Our team of experts

  • Facility assessment and sizing
  • Full installation and service or in-house training for your team to do the work
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Annual testing program
  • Web page for each school that shows service record (can be shared with parents)
  • Information package for parents to show district’s proactive and forward thinking solution
water fountain security
Child drinking out of fountain
girl drinking out of a water fountain
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