Water Softeners, Conditioners, & Refiners

EcoWater softeners and conditioners combat excess minerals and metals, such as calcium, iron, and radium, all of which can make your water hard and clean a real chore. Hard water can cause issues related to appliance life, decreased water flow and efficiency.

We also offer refining systems to remove chlorine. Many municipalities attempt to kill bacteria by adding chlorine to water, and that may not be ideal for your family and home. Our refining conditioners do everything our basic softeners and conditioners do plus removing chlorine from your water. EcoWater adds a layer of coconut shell carbon to their water refiners, which easily removes the unpleasant chlorine and aroma at a cost-effective rate since it doesn't have a complex filter system that needs to be consistently changed.
Water softener options — water treatment in Crest Hill, IL
These systems reduce film buildup on tubs, sinks, walls, piping and other surfaces. Your dishes and glassware will be shiny and clean. There will be a reduced scale buildup in pipes, which will not only lower water energy consumption, but help improve the taste of your water. Your appliances will experience longer life due to the filtered, soft water that doesn't contain harsh minerals that typically damage hot water heaters, washing machines, coffee makers, and dishwashers.

Single tank cabinet-style or a two tank system is available in many sizes to cater to each unique space. Our expert sales staff can help to discover which water softener option will work best for you! We offer a FREE water analysis by our expert professionals to determine if your home could benefit from an EcoWater system.


Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Units

Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water units from EcoWater purify your water, removing radium, lead, nitrates, chlorine, arsenic and more to give you better than bottled quality water out of your tap. This state-of-the-art filter will provide high quality water for worry free drinking and cooking and can be used on municipal or well water supplies. This type of water filtration is far less costly and labor intensive than purchasing bottled water and provides a better option for a number of water uses such as coffee, cooking, baby formula, and steam irons.

Iron and Sulfur Removal Units

The removal of iron and sulfur from your water is simple with EcoWater. These chemical free systems operate using air, do not use any salt, and are a clean and economical option for iron and sulfur removal. Using air instead of bleach, chlorine, peroxide, potassium or other disinfection products, the EcoWater iron and sulfur filters give you sparkling clean, odor free water without any work from you or chemicals being added to your water