Saving the World's Water
One Tap at a Time

Water Filtration Services in Crest Hill, IL

At EcoWater, we are working hard to save the world's water, one tap at a time. Located in Crest Hill, we are the area's leading water softening, drinking water purification and water treatment company. EcoWater is the largest manufacturer of residential water treatment equipment in the world, specializing in:
  • Water Softening & Conditioning Equipment
  • Iron, Bacteria and Sulfur Filters
  • Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Units
  • Calcium, Rust, Radium, and Contaminant Removal
  • And much more
For your customized solution for the best tasting, purest water you've ever had in your home, call us today for a free water analysis!
Water Softener — water treatment in Crest Hill, IL

Water Softeners, Treatment Systems & Service Options

EcoWater Joliet has water softeners and conditioners available to soften your hard water and remove iron deposits. Signs of hard water and iron include white deposits on fixtures, a metallic smell and/or taste along with a yellow tint leaving orange stains in your sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. We have affordable, quick solutions to solve all of your water problems. Our water treatment systems are the best on the market. They filter out impurities to provide you with the best tasting, safest water you've ever had. We have whole-house systems or reverse osmosis drinking water filters to choose from. Our whole-house treatment units remove sulfur, iron, and bacteria from your water at it's source, providing you with clean, pure water throughout your home.
rusted pipe — water treatment in Crest Hill, IL

Lead, Contaminant & Microbiological Treatment for Drinking Water

How safe is the drinking water at your home, business or school? There are many ways lead can get into your system from lead pipes to old buildings. The health risks are great, especially for kids and older adults. Let our team of experts test your water for lead. After doing a full analysis, they will provide recommended solutions.
Water Analysis — water treatment in Crest Hill, IL

Free Water Analysis

EcoWater Joliet offers free water analysis in Joliet, Frankfort, Crete, Channahon, Naperville and the surrounding areas. We perform detailed testing of your water to look for harmful bacteria, mineral deposits, sulfur, and iron to determine water quality and remedy any problems if needed.